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What Colonna and Rosen PA will do for you:

• You don’t have to report your claim because we will take care of that for you. In the event that you have reported your claim before you called Colonna and Rosen PA, we will contact the carrier’s adjuster to inform them that we are handling the terms of your claim from this point on.

• We then schedule a time to meet with the carrier’s adjuster and our adjuster to view the property. If the adjuster has visited the property already, our adjuster will make his own assessment .

• We will negotiate with your insurance company and their adjuster to make sure your claim is maximized.

• If your policy covers it, Colonna and Rosen PA will arrange for temporary housing until your home is safe for your return.

• We will save you valuable time, we will attend all the meetings with the insurance company so you don’t have to.

• We negotiate a fair settlement and deliver it to you for review and approval.

Thunderstorms can cause substantial damage to your property. From ripping shingles off your roof to increased risk of fire and flooding, storms can be dangerous. With Colonna and Rosen P.A. at your side, you don't have to fear the violent weather.

•  Hail

•  High winds

•  Lightning strikes

•  Flooding

•  Rain and snow

Thunderstorms are more than dramatic

Whatever the storm, you're safe

Storm damage is considered an "act of god," and therefore you can't be singled out for a rate increase by filing a claim.

houses damaged in storm a big storm outside of house damaged

Call today for the settlement you deserve.


• Arrange for board up

• Arrange for emergency housing

• Arrange for water extraction

• Arrange for soot & smoke removal

• Arrange for general cleaning

•Arrange for securing of property

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