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Not all water is created equal

It is possible to mitigate water damage by immediately acting to dry and de-humidify the area. We will arrange the best specialists to managing the damage and begin your clean up. we make sure that your paperwork is in order and  the insurers cover your necessary costs.


Time is of the essence, so call now!

A little water can be a big headache

We are on call 24/7 - so don't hesitate. The sooner you call the faster we can help.

flooded house Flood Damages Residential houses on flood

• Arrange for board up

• Arrange for emergency housing

• Arrange for water extraction

• Arrange for soot & smoke removal

• Arrange for general cleaning

•Arrange for securing of property

Water often leaves behind the kind of damage you can't see. Rotted floors and walls, mildew, and mold. Your insurer hopes you won't notice those things. call our professionals today.


• Plumbing Breaks

• Water Heater Leaks

• Air Conditioner Leaks

• Toilet Back-up or Overflow

• Flood Claims • Roof Leaks

• Pipe Break / Plumbing Breaks


Water damage claims can be extremely difficult to present and settle. Most water damage claims are not as visible as you may think. With a water damage claim, Colonna and Rosen PA, will come in to inspect your property, identify hidden damages, use moisture meters to estimate the amount of moisture in the walls and other hi-tech methods to make sure your claim is investigated and appraised properly.


Water damage perils include:

• Pipe Breaks

• Sewage Backups

• Windstorm

• Flood Damage


Remember, water travels to places you will never see; don't let your insurance company tell you to just use some dryers and mops to clean it up, when mold could become a major health issue for your family.

Water often leaves behind the kind of damage you can't see.


•Rotted floors

•Rotted walls

•Mildew, mold, etc.


Your insurer hopes you won't notice those things. Call our professionals today.

Call today for the settlement you deserve.