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When fire ravages your home - we'll be here

Don't let tragedy torch your pocketbook as well. Call Colonna and Rosen P.A. and we'll make sure you are well taken care of both during and after the settlement process.

• We can arrange to start restoring your home right away

• We'll get you set up in an apartment or hotel

• Our adjusters will make sure that you get YOUR money

• Our adjusters are fully licensed

Get experience on your side

Every year there are billions of dollars of damage to property and belongings due to fire and smoke damage. It is difficult for the average home or business owner to navigate the difficult insurance claims process!


You should never attempt to negotiate the terms of a claim for Fire or Smoke Damage without professional assistance. Colonna and Rosen PA are the professionals you can trust to make sure your claims are handled properly. We will process your claim and get you the settlement you deserve. When your home, business or other dwelling is damaged or destroyed by Smoke or Fire, Colonna and Rosen PA. will fight to get you the settlement you deserve.


Following the unfortunate event of a fire, the first concern is that you and family are safe and not injured.  If you can do so safely, try to locate the following items: identifications, insurance information, medical information, eyeglasses, hearing aids, prescriptions, valuables, such as credit cards, checkbooks, jewelry, etc.


Important things to Remember in the Event of a Fire:

• Do not touch anything at the scene of the fire

• Document any and all expenses, save the receipts

• Do not throw away any of your damaged property until after an inventory is made. All damage is taken into consideration when insurance claim is prepared.

• Take as many pictures and/or videos of your damaged property and dwelling as you can. They all will be useful during your insurance settlement


Also, remember, professional licensed public adjusters are a phone call away to help you navigate the maze of your Claim. Call Colonna and Rosen PA in New York 718-442-7100 ,

or 732-819-7100 in New Jersey


We are here to Help You Recover.


Even a small fire that is put out quickly can produce a significant amount of smoke damage to your home or business. Smoke can spread to all of your household items, such as furniture, electronics, window A/C units, Colonna and Rosen will assess your smoke damage, the obvious and the hard to see. This will help to maximize your settlement from your insurance company.

Fire Damage Help

Our experts will help restore your home and your way of life.

Call today for the settlement you deserve.




• Arrange for board up

• Arrange for emergency housing

• Arrange for water extraction

• Arrange for soot & smoke removal

• Arrange for general cleaning

• Arrange for securing of property

Aftermath of a fire outbreak Fire damage Fire outbreak on a residential building

Heat and soot damage in the wake of a fire can compromise the stability of your home. Reparation and rebuilding requires the labor of specialists. Let us make sure that you get the help you need to get back on your feet and stay safe.


Get Colonna and Rosen P.A. on your side today!

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